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Reframing the Vista

Published in the Peterborough Telegraph, 10th March 2022

Sometimes it’s hard to see the positive, especially when there seems to be negative after negative. And in the workplace, this is not any different to actual ‘life’. Perhaps it’s just a matter of ‘reframing’?

Reframing doesn’t mean ignoring the reality of the situation, it just means looking at the reality from a different angle, and that angle could potentially be more positive. But how can employees do this?

Often it is referred to as looking at a glass of water that is either half empty … or is it half full?

How can we look at that glass of water differently, when we are adamant, it is half empty or half full? Well, it’s about wanting to see something different. Within the workplace, what tools and techniques do employees have to look at a work-related issue differently? They have many, but there are the top three.

Firstly, there needs to be the ability and humility to acknowledge that something isn’t how you want it to be, and closely followed by the desire for it to be different. This step is natural and It’s ok to be here and employees need to spend some time in this thought space. After acknowledging this situation, it is about wanting to move on to the next stage.

Secondly, there is language. Consider what language or narrative that is being used to describe the issue. For example, “the widget isn’t working” could be reframed to “the widget isn’t working yet, what else do we need to do?” It’s about acknowledging the reality of fact – it isn’t working how you want it to, and therefore questioning, what needs to change to enable it to perform how you want it to perform.

Thirdly, is about working towards making the reframing a reality. It’s about identifying what needs to happen differently, putting those steps in motion and then achieving the outcome goal.

People talk about reframing as if it is lying about a situation or ignoring what is actually happening.

It isn’t.

It’s about acknowledging the current state but rather than refusing to remain within it, identifying an alternative solution and taking action. It’s about retaining control. It’s about controlling the narrative and making the outcome the one that you want.

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