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PeopleHR has a holistic approach to HR and people development.  If you are considering changes to your HR and/or people development offering, we have a wealth of skills and experience to support you moving forward and achieving your goals.


Organisational Culture

PeopleHR can help business leaders identify what they want their organisation to represent to their employees, commonly referred to as your organisation's culture.  PeopleHR look across the employee cycle, from attraction through to what does an ex-employer say about our organisation. 


Once an organisation knows what culture it desires, commitment to a strategy detailing how it is going to be achieved is next.  PeopleHR facilitates this process, by working with the business leaders to identify what their strategy is and what actions are needed to accomplish their cultural vision.


Of course, before an organisation's culture can be embedded, existing employee behaviours need to be managed and evolved.  Whether it is employee performance or conduct, PeopleHR has a wealth of experience on which they can advise and work with the business leaders, managers and in-house HR professionals. 

MBTI Profiling

Myers Briggs Type Indicator - MBTI


The MBTI helps individuals to increase their self-awareness and understand personality differences in positive and constructive ways.  It will also help individuals appreciate the differences between people and understand how different MBTI types can work together, in a proactive way.


Coaching is a fundamental people development process tool.  The bespoke, PeopleHR 'Step by Step' coaching programme, is designed to cover key areas of the behaviours of leaders, ideal for people transitioning into leadership roles.  The programme can be run for a cohort or individually and can involve as many or as few elements as needed. 

Educating and Learning

PeopleHR's education and learning topics range from policy and process training to skills- based training.  Delivered through the PeopleHR bespoke "Tea or Coffee?" methodology topics include Performance Management, Providing Feedback, Enhancing Resilience, Handling Change and Holding Difficult Conversations. 

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About PeopleHR


Clare Eager, FCIPD

In 1998, Clare became MCIPD qualified and has never looked back, forging forward with her passion and career within HR.  After successfully delivering in various senior roles for 12 years, in 2000, Clare launched PeopleHR, her HR Consultancy that works with clients, enabling them to achieve through their people. 

Not only providing HR advice for organisations, PeopleHR evolved their services to include personality assessments through the Myers Briggs Type Indicator - MBTI, delivering client-led bespoke training courses and offering coaching for their developing managers.

Being recognised in 2015 by the CIPD to Fellow status underlines the hard work, dedication and commitment that Clare has given to her profession.  This has included her progressive career to date, not only within HR's professional CIPD branch network, but also being the HR columnist for the Peterborough Telegraph since July 2011. 

Clare continues to educate and promote good HR practices through various routes in addition to her client work.  This includes partnering with Anne Corder Recruitment delivering 'Lunch and Learn' sessions on various topics including 'Handling difficult conversations' and 'Enhancing employee wellbeing' and being an active member of the City Leadership Forum within Peterborough. 

Going forward, Clare is focused on continuing her contribution locally and nationally and is enjoying delivering virtually as well as in person. 

PeopleHR is an evolving human resources consultancy that works with businesses across all stages of an employee's journey, from attraction to being an ex-employee, and all that falls in-between.  

Working with clients, enabling them to achieve through their people is our mantra, and our purpose.  

Our clients come back because they receive experience, practicality, and knowledge and appreciate PeopleHR operates with integrity, reliability and consistency.  Why not try us with your people challenge?




Clare enjoys sharing her knowledge and experience with people, and does this through various media.  Clare's published articles for the Peterborough Telegraph can be found on the article page and Clare regularly posts on her LinkedIn page and shares relevant content as she comes across it. 

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Get in touch

Whatever link brought you to get in touch, please do.  I would love to have an exploratory discussion with you, to understand your challenge and identify how I can assist you.

Call me: 07846 432190

Available for in-person, or via Zoom or Microsoft Teams for meetings, MBTI profiling, coaching and delivering training.

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